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Get Rich Through Properties- Don’t miss this event. (Event is in Mandarin yeah)

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致富】是个年度教育性活动,听众来自想通过生意与投资增加额外收入的群体。在2019年,【致富】将把目光着重在房地产领域。 近年来房价水涨船高,越来越多打工族无法负担高涨的房价。但在另一边厢,也有一群通过房地产赚取可观收入的投资者。 如果你也在追逐高居不下的房价,那【通过房地产致富2019】绝对是你不可缺席的一场活动。 【通过房地产致富2019】邀请了多位经验丰富的讲师及论坛成员与你分享:

1. 独家买房攻略 – 现教·现学·现买

2. 获得低于市价房产的机会

3. 迅速提高房产价值的诀窍


English translation: (For the banana people like me, who can listen and speak but could not read…)

Get Rich Event is an annual educational activity and attendees are people who want to increase their income through business and investment. For 2019, ‘Get Rich’ event will focus on the real estate sector. In recent years, housing prices have risen and this has caused some to complain about unaffordability. However, at the same time there are also investors who has profited from their real estate investment journey. If you are also affected by the movement of prices, then ‘Get Rich Through Properties 2019’ is an event you should not miss. This year, we have invited many experienced speakers and forum panelists to share with you on the following:

1. Exclusive Strategy on Home Buying – Teaching, Learning and Buying

2. Find opportunity to buy below market price

3. Steps to increase the value of the property

Learning is always vital and it’s very important to start learning and joining the real estate investment journey. This may help you earn the first bucket of gold in your life!

Charles Tan is one of the panelists (I will try best to be as smooth as possible yeah…) for one session and kopiandproperty.com is official property blog too. See you. Do refer below for more details.

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