Nobody appreciates you until you are a somebody

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This article will not have much to do with property investment yeah. However, I must write this because I think the world is getting too materialistic and sometimes just too complicated that we fail to take a step back and appreciate everything we have today.

Yea, the title of the article is quite an Ouch. A close friend sent me this. “Nobody appreciate you until you are a somebody.” How profoundly true! Haha… Let’s try not to be too bitter about this because we could not change the reality on the ground. In fact, who determines this ‘somebody’ term? This close friend who sent me has two lovely daughters and a friendly husband. His ‘handsomeness’ is around the same level as me. Haha. At the moment, she stays in a much nicer neighbourhood than me. Yes, she bought the property on mortgage and is not renting. I think all these are worth a lot of gratefulness too. We could appreciate what we have and we do not need for the world to start appreciating us.

Actually, what she wanted to say is that she would love to be much more successful than what she has achieved today. To have much more money so that she could also change her car (Honda City) to something which will definitely turn heads when she steps out from that car. 😛 (Yes, I know she will be reading this very soon) Well, if only I also have much more money than today and I could just step into the Audi showroom and just order that Q5 or well, my new love, the Volvo XC60? One day, maybe. However, I am very grateful that these days, I am invited to more events where I could share my views and thoughts. kopiandproperty.com started 5.5 years ago and today has 45,000 visits per month which is considered super huge versus the typical blogs but is nowhere near any major property listing sites. My two kids are growing well and still as naughty and mischievous as ever too.

Truth is, we have no idea what hardships some of these people (all the somebody great) went through until they become somebody recognised by all. What we could do is to keep pushing towards our own goal. When we believe in something, pour our efforts into it and sometimes, it may turn out just fine. In cases it did not, just focus on something else. Let’s appreciate that we are already somebody important to somebody out there. I know very well that another close friend will call me when her car battery runs dead because she did. To her, I am somebody to count on. I know that there are many close friends whom if I ask seriously, they will take leave and come visit me. Anyway, this article is dedicated to all the somebody who is not really a “somebody” yet. Haha. We should have a kopi session for all the not yet somebody who are reading kopiandproperty.com today.

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