16 things to think about for N’Dira in 16 Sierra by IOI Properties.

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Article written in collaboration with IOI Properties. Thank you for showing me around.

A slow market, especially one where the demand is low because of negative sentiments meant that some good projects may actually be overlooked. By the way, it’s exceptionally not true that most properties under the overhang category are the ones people do not want. I have personally been to many which ‘yeah, it will stay in overhang for a very long time.’ I have also been to projects where I am happy to visit it again after it has been completed because when I visited it for the first time some time back, only the show house was ready. Today, we look at N’Dira, a townhouse with a minimum built-up of 2,099 sq ft. (Yes, this is a review of a home of which the size is huge in comparison to typical property sizes of today)

#1 – Build Quality. Some buyers love to ask this question. How’s the build quality? N’Dira has a Qlassic score of 85. I think gives that indication of build quality and great assurance to potential buyers. Reference: Works Minister Baru Bian said that his ministry targets to have at least 30 percent of housing projects to achieve a Qlassic score of 65 percent by the end of 2020. Average industry score is 74 percent as per whole of 2018. So, we can safely conclude that N’Dira is well ahead of most of its peers here in Malaysia.

Qlassic score for all other IOI Properties projects.

What is Qlassic then? Well, in brief, Qlassic was established and managed by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) since 2007. Qlassic is a method to measure and evaluate workmanship quality of a building construction work based on Construction Industry Standard (CIS 7). In other words, it’s a certification kind of award based on actual scoring and not the usual emotional appeal for example. Read more here.

#2 – But it’s a townhouse? I think a better question would be, what’s the actual build-up size? Could it park two cars? Is it huge enough for a comfortable family home? Is it priced attractively for a gated and guarded home with playgrounds for the kids? The answer is a Yes for all the questions. Build-up wise, this is definitely bigger than many of the newer launches of terraced homes. A typical 20 x 60 terrace home, double storey will usually have a build up of around 1,600 sq ft. (sometimes slightly higher, sometimes slightly lower but nowhere near 2,000 sq ft)

comfortable internal roads yeah. I feel so too.

#3 – Buying what you see, feel and touch. Yes, IOI Properties have actually completed the homes (cash-rich company…) and now it is possible to actually be inside our potential home before actually buying it. Walk around, look at the sun’s effects on the home and even drive around to see the environment. All these are possible. Beats buying just by looking at brochures and praying that the home will be as what was promised by the sales person who attended to us.

Internal kids playground. Buying a unit nearby?

#4 – Secondary but with warranty? Sometimes, we wonder if whatever was promised will be built? As for buying from the secondary market, one major reason we do not prefer it is that we may feel it does not look new anymore. With N’Dira, it’s like buying a property from the secondary market but this one looks exactly like a new property … It’s even possible to identify the some of the defects even before we buy. Perhaps the sales person should just bring along the defect form during viewing? 😛

#5 – Priced below RM400 per sq ft. Okay, the size plays an important part but moving forward, regardless of how the market turns out in the near future, one thing’s certain; construction and land costs will keep going up. I have not yet come across any developer who told me frankly that construction costs are going to be going down significantly. Thus, anything below RM400 per sq ft will hard to emulate in the future.

Back Lane. Talk to your neighbours!

#6 – Far, far away from KLCC. Let me relate something funny. Every time I mention Rawang, everyone says that it is SO FAR AWAY. However, these days, Semenyih seems to have a better acceptance rate where distance is concerned. By the way, Semenyih’s actual distance is further than Rawang. N’Dira is meanwhile in Puchong and it’s nearer to KLCC Jalan Ampang than both these areas (Rawang or Semenyih); around 28km based on the shortest available route.

#7 – Importance of ceiling height. Beyond just the quality (Qlassic), if we pay close attention when we are viewing homes, we may notice that some homes look small despite it having the same sq ft as another. Ceiling height is the main culprit. It may actually be 9, 10 or 11 feet. N’Dira has an 11 feet ceiling contributing to the exclusiveness feel when we are home or when friends come visiting. Yes, I have been to ‘luxury’ condo projects where the ceiling height is just 10 ft.

#8 – Huge savings of RM132k and more? Take a close look at the message from the developer in the image below:

#9 – Greenery is scenery. Look around the whole development and we realise that there are lots of trees and greens. Imagine a few more years when the trees grow taller and bigger. N’Dira will mature comfortably. Every development within 16 Sierra has a public park with its own theme. This meant that there are more than 16 themed gardens for everyone to enjoy and 16 Sierra also have its very own central park too.

linear park just outside N’Dira for all to enjoy

#10 – Spaciousness and Low density. The internal roads are 50 ft wide. Even back lanes are 24 ft wide! Frankly, please do not consider anything lesser in the future when we speak of quality new developments. In many older projects, no one will ever take a stroll in the back lane… Where density is concerned, there are only 336 units and this is within a land size of 19.58 acres. This is considered very low density in comparison to most projects of today.

wide internal roads
wide internal roads

#11 – Developer is an established one; IOI Properties. These days, the number of abandoned projects have gone down when compared to the 1980s. A good developer is one which completes their projects on time and a deep-pocketed one will complete their projects even if it has not fully sold all units. The reason is because an established developer has projects all over the country and even out of the country and will not allow the non-completion of one project affecting all the rest.

#12 – Pricing advantage with Puchong as the main town. Let’s be realistic. If 16 Sierra is within the Puchong town centre, the current price for N’Dira is definitely not realistic. It’s actually 13km away. Far enough to offer pricing advantage and near enough that a mature township with everything we needed is just 16 minutes away. Of course, it’s more probable that we will have a good dinner at a famous eatery in Puchong before coming back to 16 Sierra on working days.

#13 – Connectivity is guaranteed. Beyond just the MRT Line 2 for which 16 Sierra MRT station is in progress, 16 Sierra is also served by three major expressways; SKVE Highway, MEX Highway, LDP Highway. This meant that buyers could choose to drive or take the MRT. Let’s not forget that the Sri Petaling LRT Line where there are many LRT stations within driving distance too.

#14 – Clubhouse (Amigo) is ready and fully functional. Joining fee is also very affordable for the whole family too. I do not know about you but my kids need to have access to the swimming pool and playground (at least for now). This is why it’s very important for families with young kids to buy into a development where they have access to the current trending need; facilities. Here’s the link to Amigo to understand more. Refer below for some club house Amigo photos.

kids will have lots of fun here
kiddie pool
older kids will enjoy too
lots of running around perhaps?
sweat it out!

#15 – Tastefully designed. It has a semi-detached facade design, an open terrace / balcony as well as large windows for lots of natural lighting and ventilation. The lot size is actually 27′ x 73′. Seriously, townhouse mindset aside, do go and take a serious look because if we are in need of a spacious and cozy home, N’Dira fits the bill nicely. (the bill too… )

Cozy home. Just laze around…

#16 – N’Dira is inside 16 Sierra. It is within 16 Sierra, a township which is 535 acres and as the name says, there will be 16 developments within 16 Sierra, each with their own uniqueness but all would form to become a community of its own. Every development is gated and guarded and I can safely say that it gives me the feel of another very famous little township but 16 Sierra is on a larger scale and there are much fewer high-rise developments in comparison.

Click here to register and they will give you a call. Yes, they do serve you coffee when you drop by to take a look. Thus far, the people I have encountered are friendly and could really tell a lot more than just these 16 things I shared above. The show house is ready and we could get some inspiration but if you ask me, do take charge and make your very own unit your very own design. What’s certain is that for the price point, this is indeed an attractive proposition. Only decide after understanding. Happy visiting this potential home sweet home.

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