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Renting? Buying? Still buy a property? (All proceeds go to charity)

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Many people asked why I speak regularly in KL but not in Penang. I love to speak in Penang yeah. Just need to send me an invite yeah. I will share a lot in this coming talk which is 100% done for charity. So much to prepare and I will even have to pay for my own travelling and accommodation because 100% of all proceeds go to charity. The donation (fee) is just RM50 including refreshments and you get someone who has been investing for the past 15 years as a working professional to share his experience. Yes, we will even talk about the best timing to buy since Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) has cut the Overnight Policy Rate which meant mortgage rates are now lower too.

The talk is on 18th May 2019 (Saturday) and I will do a 3-hour talk in Penang on a very popular topic. “Is Renting better than Buying? Should we still buy a property?”

I will share the following topics for the benefits of all who are attending:

  1. The advantages of renting and when is the best time to rent and why.
  2. The benefits of property investment, especially for working professionals!
  3. Where to buy? Evaluating based on the PDF concept?
  4. How to evaluate What we are about to buy?
  5. All the WHY, WHY and WHY. Including the best TIME to buy?
  6. Statistically speaking for Pricing, Timing and Future Potential
  7. And more…

Yeah, it will be a very compact 3 hour and we will go on a property investment journey together. If you wish to start your property investment journey, sign up. If you just want to know what’s happening in the property investment world today, sign up too. The organiser said I should not only speak in English. Okay, I promise I will use English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese too. To register, simply fill up the form below

    or call the following numbers:

    Claudia – 012 348 8377 Steve – 012 7282278

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