Useful is Yes. Expensive is Yes too. MRT Line 3.

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Are you taking the MRT yet? I intend to take it more often and hopefully can make it on a weekly basis from June onwards. Daily may be tough but weekly is definitely achievable. There’s this great offer yeah. MY100. Do not miss it. Personally, I think MRT Line 3 also known as the Circle Line will be the most important connector in the grand scheme of making Greater Klang Valley very connected and truly convenient. However, I have to also understand that if money was not an issue to the government, then of course there’s no need to push back some of these mega infrastructure projects. Recently, we have good news for the LRT 3 and the ECRL. (click to read)

Well, at least there’s now a positive side to the MRT Line 3 as per an article in thedgemarkets.com Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the following:

“It is too costly at the moment. We don’t have money, [so] we have to cut down on the construction, so we will have to take time…”

“We know it is useful, but even if it is useful… for example it’ll be a great thing if we can have a high speed rail from Singapore to Hat Yai, but we don’t have the money. We can borrow the money, [but] then we’ll have problems with financing.”

“So everything depends on circumstances. It is easy to promise but when you come in and become responsible, you find that you have to abide by the exigencies of the situation that we are faced with.”

These were his comments about some speculations on the MRT 3 project which was supposed to be revived at half its initial cost. According to The Edge Malaysia weekly, quoting a source familiar with the matter, the federal government, together with construction giant Gamuda Bhd, are understood to have had talks over the past few months to revive the rail project, at about RM22.5 billion. For the full article do click here for it in thedgemarkets.com

The above are very important few sentences. It’s a recognition that MRT 3 is useful to have. However, timing is an issue because of funding. What has to happen next may be on the costing part. Let’s see if there are ways in which the costs could be cut further or even finding ways where some revenues could be generated from the line instead? Always note that the only reason why the Hong Kong MTR is profitable is because it is also a property developer along the lines. (Latest profit numbers were HK$11.26 billion (RM5.95 billion) click here to read) Happy understanding and anticipating more positive announcements in the near future perhaps?

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Article written and edited by Charles. News article summarised by Dina Batrisyia.

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