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These three distinguished people are extremely important to the property industry. They are Miichael Yeoh, the B (BANK), Chris Tan, the L (Law) and Richard Oon, the T (Tax). Total industry experience just for these 3 awesome speakers? Over 65 years!

Stop wondering about these: Is this the best time to buy? Are we hitting rock bottom yet? The banks are not loan friendly anymore? How to outsmart the system? Property related policies flip-flopping? RPGT is here to stay and Higher stamp duty for property transactions. Allthese and MORE… Sign up and start learning yeah. This is definitely a one day full of value which you may not get elsewhere.

As BLT2.0’s official property blog, we have the following super deal from them. This offer is valid ONLY for readers (subscribers / followers). First 20 who signs up will get FREE BLT VIP book and the ticket (RM365.20) to attend this event on 25th May 2019 for free. It is a full day event. The next 10 who signs up get the ticket (RM365.20) for free. Here’s the link to sign up. Decision by the organiser is final yeah. Remember to also click LIKE / FOLLOW for daily property investment news.

All the best to the first 30 (while tickets last). Details, please refer below image. I will see all of you on this day. Cheers.

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