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IKEA Penang is full of people, good sign.

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Another sign of whether the people could still spend money and not without a monthly income? IKEA. This is definitely a NEED (to explore, to view, to absorb the nice designs and to eat). IKEA is not a WANT, ok. Nothing will happen to us if we do not go IKEA for 12 months.

Having said that, I love going to IKEA. I think I go to IKEA at least once every other month. My favourite IKEA remains the Damansara one. (Earlier article here) Anyway, the one in Damansara is linked to many other stuffs lah. Yea, usually I buy at least some small items. every time I am there. Most of the time, it’s just to feel good seeing some of the designs.

IKEA Penang had just opened last month. Over 20,000 visitors visited IKEA on its opening day. (click to read) Well, this does not seem like slowing down. I gave a talk in Penang yesterday (This event) and after dinner decided to drop by for a while. Well, even as I was going out at 920pm, cars were still coming in! IKEA Penang closes at 10pm and there are no other shops open after that. I wonder why they were still driving in. Perhaps they just want to get a feel of what it’s like. By the way, looking at the queue in the cafe, let’s just say that IKEA is indeed the world’s most successful restaurant within a furniture store. Anyway, enjoy the photos yea.

Car park is well lit and wide.
Excitement starts.
Lots of visitors
For offices…
Modern looking
For kids…
Pick anything you like
wow… spacious
Yea, lots of space.

If you are a Penangite, I think it is a compulsory trip to IKEA Penang. 🙂 My three assessments for IKEA Penang? First, it’s HUGE. Second it’s worth visiting. Third, let’s go eat something (but need to queue up…) Happy hunting for home stuffs.

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written on 22 April 2019

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