Seriously, when is the BEST time to buy a property? Let me share 10 BEST times, soon.

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I have many old friends who told me that the best time to buy a property is when the property market crashes. I asked what’s the price they will buy, none could give an answer. Instead the best answer is as low as it gets. Guys, there’s no such thing as ‘as low as it gets.’ If we do not know the direction we are going, then there’s no need to even bother trying. Since we are talking about the BEST TIME…

This time during the upcoming Malaysia Property Expo (MAPEX) in conjunction with Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) 2019, I will share 10 BEST TIMES to buy a property. Anyone buying during these times will be very happy when they sell their properties in the future. First question? Is HOC 2019 the best time to buy a property? Ask any developer and their answer is a firm Yes. As for asking me, a working professional, it’s to drop by and listen yeah. My session will be on 27th April (Saturday) at 2pm.

Besides me, many other interesting topics too. My good friend Ikhram Merican will also be sharing on this interesting topic too. “The 18-year Cycle in Property: How it can make you a better Investor.” His session is on 27th April 2019 at 4pm.

More details as per the e-banner below. Event is in Mid-Valley Convention Centre and it starts from 10am to 9pm in the evening.

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