Selling homes online? It’s great for Awareness, really.

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There are developers who put their projects for sale in some online shopping sites these days. Lazada or Shopee for example. Before everyone gets very excited about it, actually, they (developers) have been putting up their projects for sale for a very long time, online. You see, most developers will launch their projects together with a dedicated website since many years ago. What this website does is that it will tell potential buyers everything about the project to everyone who browsed the dedicated website. If the potential buyers are enticed by it, they will rush to the sales gallery to buy the unit. Usually, the next day or the coming weekend if they saw the website / advertisement during working hours.

Now by putting their properties on these shopping sites, perhaps buyers will click BUY (Pay deposit) after viewing the details? Please tell me, how many first-time home buyers will think buying a property is like buying vegetable in the market? As for people who are already used to investing in property, how many will prefer to buy without doing any due diligence? Frankly, without driving to the actual site, it’s hard to know that some of the views include looking at the cemetery or even a huge rubbish dump just opposite the development for example. (Google map helps but I will personally prefer to drive there if I am buying something of a few hundred thousand ringgits…)

Then, why are the developers putting these advertisements into these shopping sites? AWARENESS. The higher the number of people seeing the advertisement, the higher the probability that some will buy / go and view the unit in the gallery / call their REN friends to ask for more information. One more thing everyone should note is that property listing sites are already extremely popular and if I intend to buy a home, it will be a visit to these sites first instead of the shopping sites. Nevertheless, it’s great to remind some of these shoppers to stop buying so much and instead save their money for a home instead? Haha. Remember to make sure the sales people are ready to handle their objections when they visit the sales galleries. Happy understanding the mentality of first-time home buyers. They look at the many zeroes, they are already scared… They will need more information before they could make their decisions.

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written on 17 April 2019

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