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Sime Darby Property is revolutionising the future of property buying with dto (pronounced as ‘ditto’)

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When an item is co-created by us, the sense of appreciation and achievement goes up tremendously. It will also be a lot more special than buying just any mass produced product in the market. Just look at buying a luxury car for example, the choices for customisations could be in the hundreds and that’s just for one model. What about customising a property? Well, Sime Darby Property has started this revolution in empowering customers to co-create future property. Please do read their press release as follows:

— start of press release —

Sime Darby Property is revolutionising the future of property buying with dto (pronounced as ‘ditto’)  

dto empowers customers to make decisions and
co-create alongside Sime Darby Property in upcoming projects

SUBANG JAYA, 18 April 2019– Sime Darby Property today officially launched dto, Malaysia’s first experiential online platform based on co-creation and crowd-sourcing that is expected to transform the future of property buying.

dto is a result of a shift in mindset from building with our customers in mind to building with customers involved. It will allow Sime Darby Property to engage potential customers on their preferred development concept, design and amenities of a future property.

Sime Darby Property Chief Operating Officer, Dato’ Wan Hashimi Albakri said, “dto emphasises guiding potential customers in their journey towards owning a property, by giving them a say in the properties that Sime Darby Property is building today. The idea is to change the future of the property landscape through an engaging, empowering, educational and collaborative online platform that connects the developer and potential homebuyers.”

Property purchases are major investment decisions for consumers. In view of this, all options on the dto platform go through a stringent internal vetting process before being presented to customers for co-creation together with Sime Darby Property.

Recognising the importance of physical experiences, Sime Darby Property has also curated an exhibition where our customers can come see, touch and feel the finishes such as tiles, sanitary fittings and doorknobs before making their final decision for dto projects. This experience will be available at dto’s Official Primetime8 Launch Party on the 20th of April in SJCC Sales Gallery, Subang Jaya.

Sime Darby Property Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Mr Gerard Yuen Yun Wei said, “dto is a home co-creation platform for all Malaysians. Whether you are a first time home buyer, newly-wed couple or even a seasoned investor, if you want to experience The Future of Property Buying, be a pioneer in disrupting the property industry and be able to have a say in what you want in your future home – dto is the place to be.”

Gerard added, “We build dto because we want to elevate the standards of living for all Malaysians as we truly believe that our homes and the way we live will be better if we all do get to have a say in it before buying it. We look forward to the day where Malaysian’s say, “Don’t buy that property if you haven’t dto-it’! A future where dto is synonymous with property buying.”

Sime Darby Property has launched two residential projects on the dto platform in the popular township of Subang Jaya. The third project will be a landed property in one of our best-selling townships. dto had its first showcase at the iProperty Fair in January 2019, subsequently at the HOC Fair in March 2019 and received encouraging feedback and  support from Malaysians.

For more information on dto, visit www.dtolah.com and register to be part of the experience. The official launch of dto is part of Sime Darby Property’s Primetime 8 campaign, launched in conjunction with the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) 2019 that offers customers attractive rebates and packages for its newly launched properties. Join Sime Darby Property’s Primetime8 dto’s material display exhibition and experience 20th April 2019 at the SJCC Sales Gallery, Subang Jaya to find out more.

Updates on Sime Darby Property activities and developments can be found on simedarbyproperty.com, Facebook (facebook.com/SimeDarbyProperty), Instagram (instagram.com/SimeDarbyProperty) and the Sime Darby Property Mobile App (available for download via the App Store and Google Play). 

— end of press release —

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written on 18 April 2019

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