Focus on the service, maintenance and NOT the name. Thank you.

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I am proud of KLIA and I love browsing the shops in KLIA 2. If the naysayers (long time ago) had their way, we will still be having just SUBANG AIRPORT today. Yes, I am old enough to know. So, where is KLIA situated? Nope, not inside Kuala Lumpur. It’s crazy to site it in Kuala Lumpur. Then, we may even have height restrictions for all the sky-scrapers inside Kuala Lumpur. So, it was built in Sepang which is technically just 28 minutes from KL city centre via rail. Perfect for duration and perfect for expansion because Sepang gives that flexibility. Now, there’s that Aeropolis plan as well (Quiet for now…). So, I think in the future, property development around KLIA and KLIA 2 will be great. Go view yeah… Now for the purpose of this article.

I read this piece of news about KLIA not being in Sepang and thus the name should be changed. Some people were quoted as saying that airports follow the name of the place they were located in and gave many examples. Frankly, it is not needed. I meant the change of name. This is not even the first time that some names are changed because of some reasons. So we change it formally. Do people really know this new name eben after few years later? What is the REAL reason to change then? Better service? Easier to maintain? Or name is now shorter? From KLIA it is now SIA? Even the acronym sounds like something else. Or we want to use SXP? I think it is worse by the way. Or SIX? Hopefully, this is the last time we hear of this being mentioned. Here’s that article in NST.com.my for reference.

Please look at what’s new in the world’s best airport. Yeah the one next to Johor. Except for its ‘perfect’ name since it’s called the same name as its location, this airport has everything which an airport has and everything which all airports do not, yet. No idea if one day it may change its name but I think their focus is correct. They look at service, at WOWing visitors and they look at ever exceeding their own benchmarks every now and then. Let’s follow what they do well, shall we? Following are sone photos of that Best Airport in the World; Changi.

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Article written and edited by Charles. News article summarised by Dina Batrisyia.

<All Images in this article are courtesy of Stock Photos from Tang Yan Song>

written on 19 April 2019

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