MAPEX Perak (HOC 2019). See you on 20th April @ 2pm in Ipoh Parade. (Pat Kin Pat Sun!)

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Is it scary to buy a home of RM300,000? Of course it is. It will be even scarier if it’s RM400,000 or RM500,000! Most of us would spend just 10% of that amount to buy a new Perodua / Proton cars when we started working. Is it scary then to buy when the property market is about to burst? Of course it is scary BUT what are the actual signs to watch out for and know confidently about the property market? I will share these and more during my upcoming talk in Ipoh. Yes, I will be speaking in my hometown again. Hopefully will see many of my good friends.

I remember it took me over 3 months to decide whether to buy or not to buy my first property, an apartment of 730 sq ft in Penang. My wife and I were so worried that buying that property may bankrupt us! It was way back in 2003, when property was not hot and it seems that prices will stay the same forever. Fortunately we bought and my property investment journey started. Actually, it was not the best time because I was just a senior executive and my wife was just a junior executive. Our combined income was just RM5,000 per month. However, it was certainly a good time. After so many years, I finally have properties in a few states in Malaysia. Let me share my experience in property investment as a working professional so that all of you could also start your rewarding property investment journey.


20th April 2019 (Saturday)

2pm – 3pm @ Ipoh Parade

See you there.

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