LRT Line 4? Maybe in Putrajaya. Just RM2 billion.

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I know people think the current government loves to ‘cut’ things. Actually, they are not really cutting anything thus far. High Speed RailJB – SG is postponed. (earlier article here) Even LRT Line 3, it’s a later completion and not a cancellation. (Earlier article here) It’s more of a renegotiation of all mega projects and I think it’s fair to let them (government) do it because they have their own plans on how the country is going to forge ahead. They are the government of the day yeah. If anyone intends to debate whether it’s for the better or worse, debate somewhere else yeah. Here at, we are pro-development for the people and economic growth. (As long as it makes economic sense) So, here’s one proposal which is definitely great for the longer term. (Unless we do not want Putrajaya to have a higher population)

Article in here. Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd, the master developer of Putrajaya administrative capital is looking at reviving the abandoned RM400mil Putrajaya rail link with an additional extension up to the Kajang mass rapid transit (MRT) station. Accoding to sources, this link could potentially be Malaysia’s 4th LRT line and the development cost will be about RM2 billion including systems work. This lower cost is mainly because the necessary civil infrastructure works have been completed under the previous Putrajaya monorail project which was shelved in 2004 due to budget constraint. The source also said that the development will be handled by Putrajaya Corp and the Federal Territories Ministry.

“If the rail link is revived, the source said it would complete “a circle connecting Sungai Buloh, Kajang and Putrajaya”. “It makes sense to develop the rail link, considering that the civil works and tunneling have been done but are left unused until now.” In October 2018, Putrajaya Corp president Datuk Dr Aminuddin Hassim said “We are looking at the cost factor and whether it is reasonable to do it, taking into consideration the anticipated ridership.” The Putrajaya monorail idea was mooted during Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s first stint as Prime Minister. It was supposed to be a LRT system but due to Putrajaya’s population density then was converted into a two-line monorail. Article in here.

In 2007, Putrajaya population was estimated to be 30,000. In 2018, it’s estimated to be over 90,000. 300% growth in 12 years is pretty high, actually. So, perhaps the question is, will the population be tripled again by 2030? If it will be or it’s envisioned to be, I think it’s very clear that the LRT project has to proceed. Nothing gets built overnight yeah. So, beginning from the plan to all approvals and then later the construction and testing and commissioning, I think we are looking at nothing earlier than 2024 (2020 start, 3 years of building and 1 year of testing and commissioning)… It could be later than 2024 if it’s not using the Project Delivery Partner concept. (Of course, need a good one and cannot some sudden newly formed company yeah). Happy following.

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Article written and edited by Charles. News article summarised by Dina Batrisyia.

written on 15 April 2019

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