Timing to buy and advantages from HOC 2019?

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In the beginning of 2012, the property market was full of excitement. Everything seemed bright and rosy and properties were being launched to ever higher prices. In fact in 2012, if we found a property we like and we ask 10 of our friends, all 10 would encourage us to buy it without much questions asked. Today (2019), if we found a property we love; low enough entry price, strategic enough location and with special features not found in other projects and we ask the same 10 friends, their answers would be as follows: “Are you sure this is the best time to buy?” “What project is this? Are you sure the developer will not stop halfway because of terrible sales numbers?” The last response is a classic. “I think better wait for the best pricing; lowest price.”

All these answers above will form the basis of my upcoming talk. We look through all the issues before deciding if it’s a good time to buy. Depends very much on our own circumstances yeah. As for my talk, I will cover about “Timing: Buy now or wait?” and we will also look at HOC 2019 and its advantages to home buyers. Detail are as follows:

Date and Time: 21st April 2019, Sunday. (My session is at 11am to 12 noon)

Venue: Akasa Sales Gallery (Just Waze for it) It is within Balakong, Selangor.

Beyond just my talk, one could also get free financial health check by RAM as well as EPF, free refreshments and free coffee tasting. The last one, I will also be queueing together with you. Now you know why my site is called kopiandproperty.com? Coz the founder loves coffee…

The other speaker is Mr Ching Chi Pun who will provide 5 Practical Tips to prevent the banks / financial institutions from rejecting your loan application. I think this is also one hot topic because everyone is so worried that their loan application will be rejected by the banks. Hopefully with these tips, we can get our loans approved. I am just a working professional like most Malaysians. So I will need these tips too! Will be seeing all of you there yeah. RSVP asap so that you could reserve your seats. Alternatively, fill up below.

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