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Expert Series with Mr. Lee Yan Yaw, CEO of Setia Awan (Central Region)

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Mr. Lee Yan Yaw and his team (including me as a guest speaker) in a recent Chinese New Year event

We speak to Mr. Lee Yan Yaw, the CEO of Setia Awan (Central Region), a property developer which has been building homes with quality and affordability and has been in the industry for over 25 years. Their vision is to provide Malaysians with quality, yet affordable lifestyle homes. To date, the Setia Awan group comprises five main divisions – property development, hotels and resorts, property management, plantation and health-care.

#1 – Mr. Lee, what are your thoughts about the state of the property market currently?

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Generally, everyone in the market is very careful with what they do. Developers know that they must do more to attract potential buyers. As a developer, this is the time when good products at the right price and right place will still sell well. We are fortunate because our products have always been aimed at the mass market. If you are a buyer, we advise you to buy value; price versus the quality you get. There are many products which are cheap but does not provide the value equivalent to the price we pay.

As a potential property buyer, I think this is the time when you become more aware of all the potential choices in the market. During a booming time, many buyers simply buy anything they see which is actually not a healthy sign. This is why the number of auction cases for buyers who over-stretched themselves have started to happen since last year and will continue this year. This is also the best time for buyers because developers are already giving everything they could to sell. As they say, the best time to buy is when everyone is not thinking of buying.

#2 – Please tell us a little about Setia Awan. Perhaps a summary of what has happened in the past 25 years and the potential for the next 25 years?

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Setia Awan started in Perak. We started in a town called Sitiawan. Sitiawan is located in the district of Manjung and this is the fastest growing district in Perak today. It is a professionally run company founded by the Doh family.  They hire good people to complement their management team. This is why I was hired and have been here for 3 years.  We have been in this industry for over 25 years and we are now building in many towns and cities in Malaysia.

Our tagline is “For Quality Lifestyles.” Setia Awan aims to consistently offer its customers a comprehensive array of high quality and innovative properties that present strong financial investment opportunities. We develop properties that are good value for money. What this means to our customers is that the pricing for our projects will allow for capital appreciation potential.

Beyond just property development, Setia Awan is also enhancing the value which we bring to our shareholders and customers by diversifying into other related businesses such as hotels and resorts, property management and plantation.

The next 25 years, my personal goal is to create a brand for Setia Awan as a trusted developer in the region. We want to be the developer whereby customers who bought our properties will enjoy it, gain from it and continue to buy their next properties from us. We believe the best property developers are the ones that build a win-win relationship with all their customers. We will strive to do our best towards this direction.

#3 – Mr. Lee, if I were to ask for three reasons why Malaysians should drop by your showroom today, what would you say?

I will encourage everyone to drop by our showrooms because I am the CEO of Setia Awan. (laughs).  However, if I could only share three reasons, then perhaps the first one is peace of mind. Setia Awan has been around for over 25 years and I would like to believe I am leading my team to continue our presence in this market for a very long time to come.

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Second reason is about our promise. We promise quality yet affordable homes and this is why we concentrate only on very few projects at the same time. We complete it on time and as per the specifications we promised. Then, we move on and we concentrate on the next one.

Third one is relationship and trust. I personally believe how a company treats its staffs would be how a company treats its customers. Here at Setia Awan, we work as a team. Before any major events, my staffs work day and night and sometimes they leave only in the morning, despite starting the morning before. We would then grant them a rest day so that they get sufficient rest. With the right relationship and trust, your staffs and your customers will continue to support you for a very long time. We have many repeat customers.

#4 – Please give us an overview about your Melaka development, the Sri Melaka Residensi (SMR)

Sri Melaka is a condominium development within the Bukit Serindit Recreational Park. It starts from just RM232,000. However, this is not a high-rise without any facilities. This project is targeted at buyers who wants to have full access to facilities for them and their loved ones. There’s no shortage of healthy fun with access to basketball, badminton & futsal courts, gymnasium, swimming pool, multipurpose hall and more.  I think this is the time to provide kids with access to healthy activities and not just looking at smartphone screens everyday.

Surrounded by lush greenery

One could also enjoy the peace and serenity surrounded in an environment filled with lush greenery. Every late afternoon, Bukit Serindit Recreational Park is full of people from all walks of life. This is a community one could join on a daily basis.

It’s not just the facilities and the environment because we are also pricing the condominium as Melaka town’s most affordable condominium too. I urge everyone to drop by the sales gallery and understand what condo living is all about. Understand the actual space we have when we own a condo with full facilities versus a landed property with only a car porch. Click here to understand further.

#4 – Education is said to be an evergreen industry. Please share with us your project in the heart of UTAR, Kampar?  

Uni Suites is a project I would love to stay in if I am still an university student today.  It is the ultimate residence suites in Kampar. The location is superb because it is right next to UTAR which is a top 100 university in Asia or top 2.5% of universities in the world (according to QS University ranking) and UTAR is the second best university in Malaysia as ranked by Times Higher Education. (image below). 

Coming back to Uni Suites, buyers will get to enjoy top notch facilities and we will be appointing a renowned property management company, Rahim & Co to be the property manager for Uni Suites. There are no additional fee or rental being charged to the buyers for this)

Beyond these, the buyers will be buying a unit with move-in condition. No more hassle of getting it renovated for example. All the units are designed suites’ room and it comes with private window and a wife range of facilities including badminton courts for all the tenants. Students will enjoy the comfortable living while offering privacy. Last but not least, the whole development will be covered by FREE WI-FI too. Click here to find out more.

Thank you Mr. Lee and wishing you and your team greater success.

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