Property? Home? Investment? Then, today and future?

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It’s a HOME. The first time I told my parents that I was buying my second property (year 2005), their first remark was, ‘is there any problem with your current home?’ That was many years ago. Their understanding of a property is that of a home sweet home. Simple right. You save, you buy, you stay and if can, let your children stay in future. True? They owned a home in Teluk Intan which I grew up in, so I have lots of feelings for it and told them if they intend to sell, please sell it to me. Now they stay in Ipoh and coming to visit me in KL is not really their favourite activity. Haha.

It’s what your child thinks, too. The home we stay in will be a home our children will love to stay in the future if the home meets all their expectations. For example, the design, area, community etc. However, it will not mean a lot to them if the home is in a mature neighbourhood where all our neighbours are our close friends BUT when our children takes over, the neighbourhood is NOT full of his friends anymore. It’s also not going to help that when the kids of all our close neighbours are not actually close friends to our kids and most of these kids moved away after graduation and are no longer staying in the area.

What more do they want? Our children may prefer to stay in an area closer to his office for example. They may prefer to stay in a condo which he has access to the pool for an occasional dip and a sauna after a hard day at work. They may not welcome driving home into a neighbourhood where the houses are old, the left one has a parked rusted car and there’s another one where the untrimmed grasses are as tall as his kids. We may love the area because we have been there for the past 30 years. That’s us. Not them.

Changing Values. The VALUE which we have and the VALUE they (children) placed on what we value will be different. However, there’s this important connection yeah. The home we bought today will appreciate with the time and when money is needed in the future, a home could be exchanged for money. This is why home should now be seen as an investment. Aim at 3. When we retire, sell one and use the money to enjoy vacations which we have missed. Sell another one to help our kids (only if they are good people) and leave the smallest one for own stay. I am not sure if I need a bungalow when I am old and when I call my wife, there’s echo in the house… Haha…Happy investing. ( I wonder 20 years down the road, how will kopiandproperty.com readers look like. )

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Article written and edited by Charles. News article summarised by Dina Batrisyia.

written on 3 April 2019

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