Waiting for the BEST: Timing to buy, cheapest property price and attractive deal. (4pm on 13th April (Sat) @ Sunway Pyramid)

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Too many people ask me too many questions. Especially working professionals. Two are flying down to have lunch with me this coming Saturday. (Okay, they (both managers) are flying down to KL for a concert and asked if they could treat me lunch and talk about property. Haha.) We want the best. The best smartphone (at this point in time), the best car (most expensive one we could afford), the best handbag (as long as still not over 2 seasons) and well, the best career. (highest salary?) Let’s skip all those for now. How about knowing when is the best time to buy, where could we find the cheapest properties and when could we get the most attractive deal? Register here yeah. (for pillow, notebook and a propert market report! )

There are many properties during this Home & Property Fair by iProperty.com.my too. I think it’s a good time to compare and ask lots of hard to answer questions to the sales people stationed there. The one who could answer most of your questions may just be that property that you are looking for. No such thing as the best property yeah. Find the one you think matches your needs the most and fits the price which you could afford. Do not fall into the trap of buying the most expensive property you could. It’s a better strategy to buy, stay and then later upgrade. See you there. Speak to me anytime you see me yeah, I am actually quite friendly. (Haha) Register here yeah. (for pillow, notebook and a propert market report! )

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written on 8 April 2019

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