ECRL continues… cheaper and redirection.

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Connectivity is always beneficial to all towns / cities along the route with a stop. This is why I am a huge supporter to High Speed Rail JB – SG. Since that is delayed, there are not much news. Well, at least we have news about East Coast Rail Link (ECRL). It looks like it’s resuming very soon. It was suspended since July 2018 and there has been months of uncertainty and it seems that Malaysia and China have reached an agreement to continue it.

Article in thesundaily.my here. The project will be continued on a smaller scale and at a lower cost with changes to the route as per Sin Chew Daily. (Many reports now say it is toNegeri Sembilan) From the original price tag of RM66 billion, the total will be slashed more than RM10 billion. The conclusion seems to be a win-win solution as the renegotiated project includes new commercial elements, which will bring about greater benefits to local entrepreneurs and people. The agreement will be signed before Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s visit to China at the end of this month. The trip to China is to attend the second Belt and Road initiative summit. Council of Eminent Persons chairman Tun Daim Zainuddin, who is representing Malaysia in the negotiations, will fly to Beijing soon to sign the agreement. Article in thesundaily.my here.

It’s definitely not an easy task when it comes to renegotiation. This is why it’s important to have the right people in the negotiation table. Someone commanding respect instead of just someone with authority. We are talking about renegotiating with a country that will soon be the largest economy in the world. Malaysia is in ASIA and ASIA will now be the engine of growth moving forward. Just look at all the new smartphone launches for example. It’s always in this part of the world, first. Even movies from the west have carefully selected Asian actors / actresses inside so that it gains even larger acceptance and audience. Happy following and regardless of the outcome, accept and move forward. There are a lot more that Malaysia could do with China. ECRL is a very small part.

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written on 7 April 2019

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