Preference means one could but chose not to. Period.

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Today, a friend posted on Facebook that she is proud of her car (happened to be an Exora) and has no wishes to change her car. Many wrote in to support her comment and said that just because someone owns a more expensive car does not mean they are more successful. Some gave examples of super-wealthy billionaires with their humble lifestyle. After a few of such comments, one person wrote in and said that whatever car people chose to drive is their preference. They do not need to get the opinions of others. I think this is very true. Why must we judge people based on the car they drive? However, if this the case, why do people look down on all those driving a cheaper car? (usually a Proton). Oops. Why do some people mind so much of the car they drive until they overstretch themselves just to get a car which all their friends think highly of?

Let’s however talk a little about the super-wealthy and their humble lifestyle. Preference happens ONLY IF someone could afford it but did not. These super-wealthy people have the money and could actually afford to drive practically any car they wanted. They chose not to. THIS IS PREFERENCE. However, if one is earning just enough, then buying that expensive car is NOT a preference. It’s merely a choice which will pull one into more debts and nothing else. Some could actually buy a RM1.5 million home easily but they chose not to spend that money and stay in a more modest home and use the extra money for investments instead. This is PREFERENCE. Some meanwhile prayed that their bank loan is approved because they wanted to buy their dream home and thinks affordable homes will make them look bad. This has nothing to do with preference as well. It’s just a bad choice. Period.

My good friend used to work for a Continental car brand and tells me that MANY of the buyers really do NOT qualify for the cars they intend to buy. Yet, they still wanted it because it will make them look good. They have driven many other brands and believe this is the car which they love best. Well, if that’s the case, work harder and earn more. I have to say the same for the many home buyers who still believe that they ought to stay in a better place and thus are willing to stretch themselves to the limit just to own one. Driving an extra 10 minutes is a hassle and is not worth the cheaper RM200,000. Staying in an affordable home meant mixing with the wrong people and thus it’s best not to do so?

Another friend told me that he does not need to earn a higher salary because he is Family First and not Career First. Hopefully he understands that it’s best to earn much higher salaries before saying that one has had enough and decided to get a lower pay job instead. This is why I respect super-wealthy people and their sports cars. They deserve it. This is also why I respect the super-wealthy who drives a normal car. This is their preference. However if one is just not ready financially, stop all the pretending. Continue driving that 9.5 year old Persona is not that bad yeah. As long as it does not start to give problems. Else, change the car in 48 hours yeah. This is PREFERENCE, too. Happy understanding.

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Article written and edited by Charles. News article summarised by Dina Batrisyia.

written on 26 March 2019

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