Not just cars, ok? Focus on RTS too.

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First of all, the more links we have between JB and Singapore, the better. However, I think the focus should be two-pronged or multi-pronged where solutions in terms of connections are concerned. We need to make sure more cars could come into JB everyday and to lessen the jams during holidays but let us understand that less than 10% of Singaporeans actually own a car. There are only around 575k vehicles in Singapore. (read here) Including rental cars, busses etc. Total population in Singapore is meanwhile 5.6 million. In other words, if we focus only on solving the traffic jam for cars, we are not looking at the big picture. Do we want better connectivity for more people to come into Johor and or just more cars?

Anyway, do refer to the latest article in The Malay Mail here. Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Osman Sapian said that the state government will hold discussions with Finance Ministry,Home Ministry and Works Ministry April to find a solution to the traffic congestion at the two entry points into the country. One of the suggestions would be to build the third bridge to Singapore. He was commenting on the statement by  Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad on March 19 that Malaysia and Singapore need at least three to four bridges to facilitate the flow of traffic between the two countries. He said, “It is necessary (a new bridge) and I think the Malaysian government has no objection to this. The issue now lies with Singapore. This issue involves both sides. The main focus now is to resolve the traffic problem between the two countries.” Do refer to latest article in The Malay Mail here. 

Earlier article about Rail Transit System update here. In fact,if we are looking for an economic catalyst, it has to be the RTS and this is much more important than the High Speed Rail which has been delayed too. The significance of the RTS? 10,000 visitors coming in easily every hour.  That’s a boost to the malls, F&B outlets, hotels and even to the GRAB drivers in Johor. Else, many Singaporeans could not visit JB because they do not own a car and it’s a real hassle for a family of 3 to queue for hours to come into JB at the immigration during weekends. Well, hopefully that April strategic meeting with so many ministries will yield more positive announcements soon. Happy following.

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written on 30 March 2019

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2 thoughts on “Not just cars, ok? Focus on RTS too.”

  1. Most of the time the booths in JB are not opened fully. Many times they are operating at less than 50% capacity especially Friday & Sunday… build 10 bridges also pointless…

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