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Weekend for family: Tugu Park. (sweating is healthy and it’s free too)

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I have two exceptionally active kids. Daughter’s 6 and son’s 4 years old. My wife reminded me that it’s time to go hiking. Today, we are in Taman Tugu, Kuala Lumpur. Taman Tugu’s project is currently funded by Khazanah Nasional. It aims to preserve and increase the green lungs within Kuala Lumpur. Very noble effort indeed. In the future, it hopes to attract more visitors not just Malaysians but also overseas too. After all, how many cities in the world boasts of a secondary forest and in the future, a rainforest within the city centre? It’s also a top 10 in Lonely Planet’s top 10 travel lists for 2019.

I think families should have fun together while at the same time stay healthy. Many kids nowadays look at screens all the time. At home, they watch TV and outside, their attention is on the tablets. Inactivity leads to obesity, definitely. For those who stay within 25 minutes from Taman Tugu, this may be a spot for your family during the weekends. Without any jam, even people from Sungai Buloh could be here in 30 minutes. Anyway, images speak better than explanation. Lots of them below. Hopefully, I will see you in one of the weekends yeah.

Parking is just 100m from the entrance to start hiking

Keep a photo just in case
Family-friendly hiking trail

Sufficient cover from the sun
Tiny fishes

Rest n Relax
No idea where this leads yet

Toilets are clean (please keep it that way)

Useful links:


Lonely Planet’s Top 10 must visit – Taman Tugu

written on 31st march 2019

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