Hong Kong star with 4 properties in Malaysia (tens of millions in HKD)

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Everyone knows that property prices in Hong Kong is high. How high is high? A simple search in hongkonghomes.com revealed the following. (refer to image) HKD19 million (RM9.85 million) gets us a small apartment between 372 sq ft to 462sq ft. So, what happens when a Hong Kong TVB star likes to make Malaysia as his another home outside Hong Kong and thinks of our property market as an investment destination? (Even if many Malaysians think otherwise) Well, he will buy a few luxury condos here versus nothing over there in Hong Kong. That Hong Kong star in a few news report recently is Bosco Wong.

Article in thestar.com.my Bosco Wong reportedly said he owns four properties in Malaysia worth tens of millions in Hong Kong dollars. On property preferences, he said location and credibility o developers matter before making a purchase. He also said it’s convenient how most properties in Malaysia are fully furnished so he can just rent it out. Other than renting, the properties would also be given to his mother during her travels in Malaysia. He said, “I always fly to Malaysia! There are many new properties.” He also said, “I always like to invest in properties. I already have a few there (Malaysia).” In terms of learning, he says that he is learning from actor Simon Yam, who owns properties in many places. Her mother will stay at his homes when she travels to Malaysia. Article in thestar.com.my

In case someone wants to comment that Bosco is buying in Malaysia simply because the properties here are cheaper than Hong Kong, then let’s understand that there are MANY other countries where properties are even more cheaper! Actually other major reasons I think will include language compatibility (Cantonese dialect), good food diversity as well as the fact that foreign investors enjoy the same protection for their property investments like a local. Except that they (foreigners) have to buy properties which are above a certain range based on the states they are buying. The report does not say if he’s under MM2H but let’s understand that when one is wealthy, he could travel everywhere he wants without the need to be tied to just one country. Happy living here Bosco.

written on 25 March 2019

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Article written and edited by Charles. News article summarised by Dina Batrisyia.

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