Propenomy: The Art of Property Investing

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Property Price – 1990 – 2016

[Sponsored] There’s no such thing as never ending high returns year after year forever and ever. Please tell me if you know of any. However, if we bought the right property, then the return on investment is likely to be double digits per year due to the continuous capital appreciation. This is the actual property price increase for 26 years on average. Not too long ago, someone said that property investment is considered a low risk and low return kind of investment. I disagree responded with a full article. (read it here). However, before we invest, it’s best to start reading, listening and understanding so that the risks of buying the wrong property is minimised tremendously. Knowledge is everything when it comes to investing. Here’s one upcoming workshop on ‘The Art of Property Investing. by Dr. Daniele Gambero’

Dr. Daniele Gambero is someone who is known in the industry as the Propenomist. (read here to understand what is Propenomy) He speaks often and his presentations are always full of facts and figures and I think he thinks of Malaysia as his only ‘home’ these days. He is a dynamic person and thinks of age as just a number. (I think I have to think more like him)

He will be conducting a 2 full-day workshops on 23 / 24 March 2019. There’s even a special mystery speaker too. (nope, I am not the mystery speaker). A few weeks ago, during a casual meeting, he showed me all the things he will be sharing in the workshop (Propenomy: The Art of Property Investing) and I am like, ‘wow… so many things to share? It’s like an advanced property investment course!’ He just laughed and say, ‘when we do a workshop, we do our best and not tell a bit and then ask them to pay more for the next one. Yes, I think the two days will be a productive one. ‘ Register here. Limited seats available. Happy learning yeah.

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