Top 10 and 12 among Asian cities for quality of life? KL and JB! Reasons here.

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Every time I tell people KL is a good place to stay even as a permanent home, my Penang friends will disagree. They say Penang has everything within the state. I tell them this: KL has everything within KL, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and even Melaka all within less than 2 hours plus KLIA allows me to fly to everywhere I want to go easily. Then they will say Penang is a food haven. Haha… Let’s stop the debate here but KL definitely have food diversity. Anyway, I moved to KL 6 years ago after working for 15 years in Penang. My wife agrees with me as well as KL is a good home. Now, I can also share the following news about two cities with a good quality of life in Asia; KL and JB.

Article in here. According to the Mercer Quality of Living City Ranking 2019 survey, Kuala Lumpur is placed 10th and Johor Bahru is 12th in ASIA for quality of life. The Mercer survey evaluates local living conditions in more than 450 cities worldwide. Living conditions are analysed according to 39 factors in 10 categories. Who is ahead of us? Singapore, Tokyo, Kobe, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and then Hong Kong and Seoul. (I have been to all the cities listed here! Yes, all are wonderful cities) KL is also second placed in South-East Asia and ranked ahead of the following Chinese cities: Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, or the Indian cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. The categories evaluated by Mercer include the environments of political-social, economic, socio-cultural, medical and health, schools and education, public services and transportation, recreation, consumer goods, housing, and natural environment. Article in here.

Dear KLites (most of which are not from KL), be happy and just enjoy the result of this survey. Housing is one part of the survey and when we compared the prices of properties, even after taking into account the currency exchange, we are doing pretty well as well. As for me, I have to write this down because in the near future, every time people debate with me about the quality of life for KLites, I will send this to them. I know, they will say that in KL, there’s traffic jams everyday. Frankly, please try and drive in Singapore during peak hours. No doubt, it’s better than KL but it’s STILL a JAM yeah… Even in Penang, driving within the Bayan Lepas Industrial area during the peak hours and see… Happy following and let’s see what happens with the survey next year.

written on 13 March 2019

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