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When we google for some information, google will return some results. Most relevant ones on the first page and so on. When we click into one of those results, the website we clicked to may get the ‘search term’ we used. This helps google to learn and the website to churn out more relevant contents for future searches for example. I use WordPress as my host so it does give me some information about my readers. This morning, at 11am, someone searched ‘how much salary property agent malaysia’ and the person clicked on one of the search results which happened to be kopiandproperty.com

About the question of how much salary a property agent gets. Frankly, if we want a basic salary, stay with a company providing a basic salary. The benefits are plenty. We do not need to worry about whether we have money to pay the bills or not. The salary is credited into our account by our company every month. Every year, even assuming we did the same job and did not bother to upgrade ourselves, we get increments unless the company is in trouble. If we are a performer, we may get better increments and promotions and the money is pretty okay too. Someone with a salary of RM10,000 per month with an increment of 6% will now get RM600 extra every month! If the company does well, we get annual dinners and trips too. This option is ‘sheltered.’ Good for many but may be too stable for some. For these people yearning for higher and faster kind of pay, then perhaps a real estate negotiator (REN) and later real estate agent is the way to go.

There are no basic salaries as a real estate negotiator. I do know some agencies provide a small allowance but that’s about it. How awesome the person performs is how high the commission payout will be. It can be lower than the ‘basic salary’ days or it can be many times higher. Everything depends on following the advice from the mentors in the agency. As for what should a REN do as soon as he joined, here’s an earlier article: New RENs? Your friends should buy / sell via you Let me tell you that I have many, many and many REN friends whose holidays are either paid by the agencies (due to performance) or paid by themselves (because of super high commissions) and many REN friends who quit after a few months too. Perhaps three qualities distinguish them. Courage (hey, no salaries…), Discipline (do, do and continue doing…) and Resourcefulness (learn, network and expand).

There are no rights and wrongs. Be happy with whatever we choose and just enjoy it. I am not a REN and I am happy too. (Yes, I do provide trainings to some real estate agencies too; property sales objection handling) However, for the person who searched the term ‘how much salary property agent malaysia’ this may be an article for him too. How much is a REN’s salary? Well… Just remember, every time we ready about one successful business, it’s also because there are many other businesses which are just doing so-so and there are many businesses which had failed after some time. This is the world we live in. Happy searching for your dream.

written on 4 March 2019

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