Overnight parking in KLIA needed? (save $$$) Another option for ‘Damansarians’ :P

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I went to Kota Kinabalu last weekend, again. Event was the Home OwnershipCampaign Expo 2019 where I spoke on “10 things a First-Timer should know when it comes to property investment.” Haha. Yes, as someone from Peninsular Malaysia, I think I am well above average in terms of travelling to East Malaysia. When I told my business partner that I will park my car overnight in KLIA2 because it’s cheaper, better and quicker than to take a GRAB / taxi, he said, ‘Best option is to take the SKYBUS and park your car in 1Utama instead. The SKYBUS is RM15. The parking is just RM4 per day.” That’s not all, you also get to rest because you do not need to drive to and fro which will take easily 2 hours.

In comparison to the option of driving by myself? Distance is roughly 60km or 120km to and fro. That will be close to 2 hours of driving which the most productive thing I could do is to listen to nice soothing music. PLUS toll is RM16.80 to and fro. (Sg. Buloh – KLIA). The parking per day (24 hours) in KLIA is RM46. They have a special rate from Day 4 onwards at RM20 per day. There’s also another option in the Long Term Car Park area where you will need to take a shuttle from the car park to KLIA. That’s RM32 per day. GRAB’s offer is RM65 per trip, if I remember correctly and that’s RM130 to and fro. Fuel consumption on my 9.5 year old Persona is 7.5 litres per 100km. So, it’s roughly 16 sen per km for RM2.10 RON 95 fuel. 16 sen x 120km = RM19.20 So, if we have a short business trip and we drove and parked one night in KLIA, total cost will be RM16.80 + RM46 + RM19.20 + 2 hours = RM82 and 2 hours.

As for letting the bus driver drive for us and we park in 1Utama and take the SKYBUS, that’ll be RM4 + RM15 + 2 hours of extra time on the bus to … write blogs (or play your favourite smartphone games). Haha. The downside is of course, we will have to see if the bus schedule actually is meeting the flight time or not. We still need to arrive a little earlier just in case. I chose to arrive around 2 hours before my flight so that I could enjoy a free breakfast in Plaza Premium Lounge. (lots of cards have access these days. Apply for one) Okay, this may not be the best option for Puchong people or Cyberjaya people. However, for most of us here in Damansara, it’s a great option. Happy travelling and save money and time. Please tell us if you have an even better option to save more!

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written on 3 March 2019

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