Selangor has 30,000 affordable units on the way.

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Please know that the demand for homes are far higher than the available supply. We just need more affordable ones instead of units above RM600,000 for example. When it comes to affordable homes, the figure we hear often is 1 million affordable homes in 10 years. (article here). Or the 100,000 units of affordable homes in 2019. Actually, I have yet to see the distribution of the 100,000 homes, I mean which state would get the lion’s share, which state gets fewer. it’s definitely not possible to distribute the units on an equal basis for all states. Here’s another announcement on affordable homes but this is by a state Menteri Besar instead of a federal minister.

Article in edgeprop.myhere. The Selangor state government has plans to build 30,000 affordable units by 2025. Its Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari said, “So far, we have handed over the keys for 3,770 units to the people of Selangor. The rest will be built under the Selangor government’s Rumah SelangorKu initiative.” He further elaborated, “Affordable housing is one of the earliest issues the state government fights for as we want to give every Selangor citizen the opportunity of having their own home. I have instructed developers to intensify the construction of Rumah Selangorku developments so that more people can enjoy the benefits.” Rumah Selangorku is set to have 864 units prices at RM232,000 per unit and will include two parking spaces.Article in edgeprop.myhere.

I checked. The size of these units are 1,000 sq ft which meant that the price is only RM232 per sq ft and it comes with two car parks. If this is the minimum standard moving forward, I think it’s really attractively priced and the only thing the government must focus must be on connecting all these new developments with public transportation so that people staying there need not drive. If they could save a few hundred ringgits every month from fuel, toll and maintenance for their cars, this helps them in paying their mortgages on time too. By the way, this is why all the MRT lines MUST be continued and that delayed LRT line be EXPEDITED too. Happy following and understanding that having a roof over their heads should be made available to all Malaysians.

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Article written and edited by Charles. News article summarised by Dina Batrisyia.

written on 5 March 2019

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