New stuffs @ Plaza Premium Lounge (even better)

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I wrote this article earlier: A little luxury is easier to get these days I think these days, even more credit cards offer these extra privileges; access to Plaza Premium Lounge. I know, there are ‘better’ lounges than Plaza Premium Lounge but I do not wish to pay many times higher for my flight ticket just to enjoy those lounges. I am still carrying these two main cards which I use concurrently; AMBANK World Mastercard and CIMB Preferred Visa Infinite. The advantages for both have changed. One got worse, one got much better. Haha.

Some of the bank credit cards which provides Plaza Premium Lounge access are listed below. Do note that all cards have their own terms and conditions. Some are only in selected airports and most are usually only for KLIA. Some requires you to be travelling OVERSEAS before you could use the access. If there are cards which are much better than below, please share and I will add into the list as well. Please do not ask me how to apply yeah, google for it online. ( None of the banks have affiliate marketing programme with kopiandproperty.com at this moment. 😛 )

The below are the latest photos of a newly renovated Plaza Premium Lounge in KLIA2 Gateway. I just dropped by today.

Briefly, the food choices have expanded. From croissants to doughnuts and pancakes all the way to porridge with condiments, main dishes with rice and more. Latte is at the tough of a button and after meal, get a yogurt please. Beyond just the food.The area is now larger and there are many big LED screens to watch your favourite show. There’s even a chef who will do your eggs just the way you like them. Happy applying for a card of your choice and visiting the Plaza Premium Lounges when you travel yeah. A refreshing shower is possible too!

written on 1 March 2019

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