Decathlon: Great selection, good prices and fun for kids

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As a guy, I am in the minority when it comes to shopping. I meant I love to shop! I am not the kind that goes to a mall, buys what I need and leave. I am definitely not a guy with two pairs of leather shoes; one black and one loafer for example. I still have three pairs of unopened leather shoes currently. Two Hush Puppies (one black and one orangey brown) and one Italian brand (trendy black) which I have forgotten the name. So, I am a good reference when it comes to shopping for leather shoes. Haha. As for sports gear, equipments and other products, I have grown to love browsing Decathlon once every month. My kids treat it like their playground too.

When it comes to buying sports shoes, racquets and even hiking equipments, we would usually need to go to more than one store. Well, we could also go to ONE store with everything under their roof; Decathlon. This time, I dropped by Decathlon Shah Alam. My earlier article about Decathlon Sri Damansara here. I learnt that the larger the size of the store, the more we get to enjoy! Today, I actually have the chance to play pingpong versus myself. There were three ping pong tables for people to try out!

The current court shoe I am wearing is Li Ning but today I bought a comfortable and affordably priced court shoe in Decathlon. Will have to see if it lasts. we could buy the usual brands we have grown accustomed throughout our lives or we could go for quality in-house brands in Decathlon. They claim to have selection for over 70 sports and well, I think they are honest! The Decathlon Shah Alam is their third store in Malaysia, and they aim to hit a total of 60 stores over the next 10 years. Join as a member and when we buy 5 things, they give us a super huge and friendly reusable bag. Here’s their website. Friendly and easy and yes, we could also buy stuffs too. Looking forward to visiting the next Decathlon.

written on22 Feb 2019

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