Property Investment 2019 – What should we focus on?

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If you are based in Melaka, hope to see you this Sunday (17th February 2019) . If you have thoughts about Melaka property investment, hope to see you. If you just love Melaka and wants to enjoy a nice CNY event, please drop by yeah. Of course, if you happened to know Charles Tan and just wants to say Hi and have a cup of coffee while we discuss about property, please come! Click here to register. (Refreshments are served!)

My upcoming talk for month of February will be in Melaka. It is within an Open House day for an established developer which has been building homes for more than two decades; Setia Awan. I think it will be an interesting topic “Property Investment 2019: What should we focus on?”.Let’s get ourselves updated with whatever is happening nowadays. As for questions, feel free to drop by and let’s talk about it during the Q & A session after my sharing. The details are as follows: (Else, just refer to the image)

Date: 17th February 2019 Time: 2pm – 3pm.

Venue: Sri Melaka Residensi Sales Gallery. (click for google map)

Click here to register. (Refreshments are served!) 

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