Bukit Kledang: Illegal plantation and mixed property development. Stop it!

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I think Ipoh needs more positive and good news versus all these negative ones where the authorities are in the dark of some development matters. Seriously, I think these should not happen any longer. Not just in Ipoh but anywhere in Malaysia. Article in edgeprop.my here Perak Menteri Besar Incorporated (MB Inc) today confirmed the existence of illegal land- exploration activities near Bukit Kledang here for the purpose of oil palm plantations. Its chief executive officer, Anuar Zainal Abidin said, “Initial investigations found that besides MB Inc land, affected areas (due to illegal exploration activities) also involved state-owned land.”

He added, “The State Forestry Department (JPNPk) has also confirmed that the land belonging to MB Inc and the affected state government land are not located in the Kledang-Saiong Forest Reserve area, the area has not even been gazetted as Kledang-Saiong Forest Reserve area.” There will be firm action to be taken against irresponsible parties. Anuar shared that when MB Inc visited Bukit Kledang had been on Jan 19, and no illegal exploration activities had been found in the area. As for how to avoid these illegal settlements, Anuar said, “For the record, MB Inc plans to develop a mixed property project in the area dedicated to the placement of people and avoid government-owned land from being exploited by illegal settlers.” Article in edgeprop.my here

Another article in FreeMalaysiaToday.com shared the frustrations of this illegal development. Read here. Meanwhile Perak MB said he is disappointed with this illegal development in Bukit Kledang. Here’s that article in astroawani.com It is also said that the Perak state government will check the permit of the 400ha forest development. Article in Malaysiakini.com here. Happy following and I hope the state government will be very pro-active in this case because this will give a firm indication as to future potential of such illegal development activities. Imagine anyone spending so much to illegally plant / develop any piece of land and getting blocked within a few days? I think no one would want to take the risk in the future.

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written on 11 Feb 2019

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