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Super busy January 2019; 10 talks. :)

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The first time I spoke about property to the public was over 7 years ago, in Johor Bahru. There was a property show and the organiser invited me to share my thoughts and I agreed. It was a little terrifying then. Haha. Fortunately, I am a Toastmaster, so I have gotten enough practise facing my fellow Toastmasters too. These days, I enjoy sharing my thoughts about the property market and property investment. 5 years ago, kopiandproperty.com started and the number of invitation to speak also increased. Then this happened in January 2019. I am happy to announced that in January 2019, I was up on the stage for 10 times. 🙂 From KL to Penang and Ipoh followed by Melaka and back to KL. (JB and East MY soon?)

This will serve as a milestone for me. They are as follows:

#1 – Kelab Pelabur Hartanah KL & Selangor
#2 – Midlands City
#3 – MIEA’s REPS
#4 – iProperty MidValley
#5 – Agents’ Training – Penang
#6 – Agents’ Training – Ipoh

#7 – Agents’ Training – Melaka
#8 – Sharing in TRR (Gardens Theatre)
#9 – Swhengtee Property Forecast Talk
#10 – SMR Seminar (Melaka)

Thank you to all kopiandproperty.com readers. Your encouragement keeps me going. Thank you to all the organisers who invited me to share my property thoughts. I feel honoured to be part of your event. Now, it’s time to rest for the coming Chinese New Year. Cheers.

written on 1st Feb 2019

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