10 important questions and answers for first-time home buyers.

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When is the best time to buy a property? No, it’s not 20 years ago. It’s also not in 2012 when everyone was crazily queuing up for new launches. If someone had bought then, depending on how gung-ho they were then, they may be in trouble servicing the overpriced properties today. Actually, a better time to buy is when we are ready financially with sufficient downpayment. It’s also to be ready with knowledge of why and what to buy. (Reading kopiandproperty.com for a minimum of 6 months is also good enough.) Last but not least, that property we buy better be something worth buying.

I have answered one typical question from first-time home buyers. How about another 10 Q&As about the property market? Is there a bubble coming soon? What if there’s really a bubble coming soon? Is it true that I better buy now because the prices will be too expensive in the future? Allow me to share these and more in my talk in iProperty Home and Property Investment Fair 2019. See you this coming Sunday (13th January 2019) Time: 5-6pm. Venue: Mid Valley Exhibition Centre.

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