Get Rich Through Properties in 2019

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They say when it comes to property investment, it’s best to start as early as possible. This is to ensure that if we were to make mistakes, we have time to make a comeback. If you ask me as a working professional, we should instead learn from those who has done it successfully before we start investing. When we first started working, we accumulate experience over the years until we become experts and the work becomes easy. That’s when we keep getting higher salaries. In property investment journey, the risks are a few hundred thousand ringgit if not more. This is why, it is essential that we learn from those who have done it and those who are still doing it day in and day out today. Here’s one event you should join. Many of the speakers are my friends and I can safely say that they are considered experts in real estate. This is an event by Millionaire Business School. kopiandproperty.com is their official online media partner.

The GET RICH series is an annual educational event targeted at anyone who desires to get rich through multiple streams of income that includes business & investment. In 2019, the convention will focus specifically on property investment. It is an imperative that the property price is skyrocketing and the majority of people are unable to afford it. On the other extreme, there are a big group of people who are making great income passively by investing into properties.

If you have had any of these two questions in your mind, GET RICH THROUGH PROPERTIES 2019 is the event that you don’t want to miss out. GET RICH 2019 features 12 prominent speakers and panellists who have made millions of Ringgits by investing into properties.

They are going to share with you on these 3 key areas:

1. Property economy outlook for 2019.

2. Property Investment strategies based on the Budget 2019.

3. Good property deals & buys.

Come and listen to them. Learn and network with the experts. You are now one step closer to begin your journey through property investment and might just earn your first million.


近年来房价水涨船高,越来越多打工族无法负担高涨的房价。但在另一边厢,也有一群通过房地产赚取可观收入的投资者。 如果你也在追逐高居不下的房价,那【通过房地产致富2019】绝对是你不可缺席的一场活动。


1. 解析2019年房地产市场

2. 好风水如何影响房地产投资

3. 如何根据自身能力选择对的房产


Grab your ticket now!!

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