REPS series in Penang: Going Forward in 2019.

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It will be my first sharing session in Penang for 2019 sharing the day with my two real estate expert friends whom I am trying my best to keep pace. Ms. Elane, the lady has unlimited enthusiasm and it’s going to be a great gain to listen to her sharing. For the upcoming Real Estate Professional Seminar (REPS), she will share on “How to fund your first property using insurance?” I remember someone told me that he does not have enough money for both property and insurance and will have to choose just one. Well, here’s that sharing on how to have both. Join Elane’s talk.

The other speaker is Miichael Yeoh, my ‘old’ friend. Of course he is still young. This is one guy who can talk the whole day when it comes to mortgage stories. This time, he will share on “Property Crowdfunding.What is this?” Remember the viral message just not too long ago? About buying a property but without the need for bank loans? Learn the tips and tricks to manoeuvre this property crowdfunding route.

The final stretch will be covered by me about a topic which is on the news everyday. I will cover “Budget 2019’s Impact on properties and the strategies moving forward.” My sharing will however not be limited to just whatever our Finance Minister said. It will also go into the 4Ps of Property Investment 101 so that all Real Estate Agents could also then share with their RENs. We should always understand that the market is slow but it is not because everyone is out of job. It is more sentiment driven. Thus, the focus is to educate rather than to sell. When people understand fully what they are buying, they will buy because they still have a job and could pay for it. Register via MIEA’s link here. Details as per above flyer or you can just refer below too. I am excited with property market in 2019. See you!

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