The tallest tower in Malaysia definitely needs to have a mall too.

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Do you know which is the tallest tower in Malaysia today? Nope, the tallest tower is NOT Petronas Twin Towers. That remained the tallest twin tower in the world and Malaysia too. The new tallest tower in Malaysia will be PNB’s Merdeka 118. Thus far there has not been too much news about the tower but here’s something good I think for the offices within and nearby Merdeka 118. Article in here.

PNB Merdeka Ventures Sdn Bhd, the developer of the Merdeka 118 project has awarded the contract to build an eight-storey  shopping complex at the former site of Stadium Merdeka to a joint venture between WCT Holdings Bhd and TSR Capital Bhd. The job is worth RM676.8 million and will start work next week, 2nd January 2019. The shopping complex will be part of the Merdeka 118 development comprising the PNB 118 Tower, the Park Hyatt Hotel, and an observation deck. WCT has a 51 percent stake while TSR Capital holds the rest. The project is expected to be completed within 30 months. Here’s that article in TheStar for reference.

Malls are not too many, even in Klang Valley. Nope, I am not joking. The reason is very simple. We need good malls operated by good mall operators. We do not need malls with the exact same brand as everyone else and a mall operator which does not even know that charging car park charges right from the beginning is WRONG or skimping on maintenance and security simply because there are not enough tenants is plain SXXXXX. Anyway, there are malls which did not start with a Bang but is now doing better every time I drop by. Starling Mall is one of such mall. Sunway’s Putra Mall is another such example. I wish the mall owners understand that the right management makes all the difference… Happy following.

written on 23 Dec 2018

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