Biggest stock decline in 87 years is definitely a shock

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A good friend told me that he just bought 10,000 units of a dividend stock 2 weeks ago. I think this is the right way to go. If we are still looking at the stock market for quick wins, it may also be a quick loss too. Then, this news appeared today:  US faces biggest stock drop in 87 years. Article in TheStar.com.my  The two causes for this would be turbulent market and a weakening outlook for the global economy. It also say that steep drops in the equity market has sapped confidence away from fund managers and thus they are now predicting global growth to weaken in the next 12 months.

The article went on to state a few more advanced countries’ lack of confidence in the market and it mentioned the oil price as well which has weakened. Last but not least, the USD weakened very slightly against many currencies. Everyone’s waiting for Federal Reserve’s decision on whether or not to raise the rates in their meeting ending today (19th December 2018). Here’s that article for reference again. 

I just told one room of over 100 people yesterday during my sharing session that based on numbers alone, a financial crisis will not be starting from within. I meant our country, Malaysia. No, not with 1MDB. The amount bandied about is too small versus our GDP, really. It has to be something more significant. However, if the world’s two largest economies are not doing well, then it’s going to be WINTER soon for the rest of the world too. Should all of us be buying undervalued stocks then? That may be a good suggestion, regardless of what happens at the end of today, after Fed’s meeting. Happy investing. 

written on 19 Dec 2018

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