Another exciting excitement entering Medini, Johor.

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If life is all about work, work and work some more and no play, I think it’s better to stop working and start enjoying instead. Haha. Actually, it’s the same for property development. Townships where there are just houses, houses and more houses will not do, not anymore. Perhaps we used to have a mall and everyone within a radius of 30km will flock to it every weekend, these days, there’s a mall every few km in Greater KL. It’s the same as theme parks. There used to be just a few of them in the whole country. These days, it’s competitive and newer ones kept popping up every now and then. Good for consumers. Another one is coming up in Medini, Johor.

I saw a sneak peak by Sunway Iskandar’s Facebook page which I think should bring extra excitement to Medini, Johor. Please take a look at the image. Okay, this is coming from a company which has been building and operating theme parks for a very long time. I think it’s safe to say that this venture is going to be around for a very long time. This is important because these days, inexperienced operators of theme parks are pretty scary yeah. Even if we look at the mall scene, the inexperienced operators, regardless of how many years they have been a developer, they will still fail. The good ones meanwhile continues to do well. The image shows Sunway’s X-Park. Perhaps not that suitable for young kids or even me when I hit 50. Haha. No idea. Just wait for more announcements then.

My friends in JB always tell me that all the developments are moving way too fast and that most of them (Johoreans) are not buying any of these new developments. Frankly, I am not sure if that’s the correct way to look at these new developments. It’s best to understand that JB and SG, well, we better be operating as a team. Else, I am not sure how the SMEs in Singapore can grow their business if they are operating only in Singapore today. Thus, the catalyst will be the connectivity. Once that’s enhanced, it will be WOW for the developments. Look at the people crossing over to work and crossing over after work to know more. We do not need property experts to tell us about that yeah. Happy following.

written on 5 Dec 2018

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