The BEST among peers. This is worth sharing Malaysians.

If we really want to create a more positive sentiment, articles like these should be forwarded. Just plain numbers versus everyone else. This is NOT a prediction from some property experts about some bad potential happenings. This is the title: “Malaysia beats emerging market peers as Asia outshines.” Article is from The Edge Financial Daily. last Friday, 30th November 2018.  Somehow, no one Whatsapped this news to me because it’s a positive piece of news. Yes, I have to admit, when I publish articles about some negative news, it’s always more popular than the positive ones. Haha. Read on.

Take a look yeah. Right at the top is Malaysia followed by all the other emerging countries all over the world. the ranking was based on GDP growth, Current Account surplus, Latest Ratings, The Reserves as well as Valuations. So, in order to be top, Malaysia had to excel in all the items stated and yes, we are ahead of China, The Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and many other countries too. By the way, what this says in brief is that the outlook is positive because we have a stable growth outlook. Do not think too much about whether to invest or not to invest. If the top of the pack is NOT worth investing, I have no idea about all the rest. 🙂  By the way, speculation is NOT the same as investing yeah. Investing is also NOT about simply buying yeah. Whether good times or bad times, it is very possible to buy the wrong thing and thinking of it as an investment.

Actually, this is not the only good news recently. In terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), this was what our Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng shared. “We recorded RM14bil in FDI in the first nine months of last year. Within the same period this year, we recorded RM49bil in FDI, which is a huge amount. This demonstrates the increase in confidence from investors in the new leadership of the country under Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the world’s oldest prime minister. Here’s that article in RM49 billion is a super huge number yeah because the world is still very sluggish in terms of GDP growth. With this FDI number, what do you think our ranking will be in 2019? Smile please. Happy sharing.

written on 3 Dec 2018

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