KPKT needs more land (even from other ministries). Let’s help.

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I firmly believe every Malaysian needing help to own a home should be helped to own a home. Without a property, any household would always be poor because they could never enjoy any capital appreciation from a property they own. Even a RM200,000 property can still be worth half a million when retirement comes. Here’s that article.  In fact, in order to ensure market does not face a property bubble, more affordable homes would be needed. If the supply is not available, buyers will be forced to pay higher and if everyone is paying towards the ceiling of their limit, imagine what will happen if they suddenly lose their job. That’s BUBBLE BUILDING.

Our Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT) has requested other federal ministries to provide unused strategic land for the development of affordable housing, said minister Zuraida Kamaruddin. She said, “Land with good accessibility and located in town areas is not easily available and if there is, it would be very, very expensive. So the ministry is looking at all the pocket lands for affordable TODs (transit-oriented developments.” She added, “Together with the other agencies and ministries, we are looking at lands under tem that are located at strategic locations but unused.” What KPKT is targeting to do is to provide one million affordable houses for the rakyat over the next 10 years. Thus it has to keep looking at various means and approaches. Full article in Edgeprop.my here.

You know what we can do? Maybe we should start scouting some land for KPKT to request from other ministries. Especially some of the ministries with huge plots of unused land right next to it within the city centre. Actually, with the advancement of technology, the need for huge buildings may not be that critical anymore. In fact it may be best to share facilities and buildings because this is already happening in the business world today. Collaboration is now key to competitiveness. Happy searching and you may post good plots you found here. I think I have a way to send it directly to KPKT. Thank you fellow Malaysians.

written on 29 Nov 2018

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