REALLY thinking about savings in terms of $? Fuel is not the main thing.

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Many months back, I debated with a friend who drives a turbo-charged car. He told me that his car’s fuel consumption is even BETTER than my 9 years old Persona 1.6  I told him, I agree!  Then he said, ‘I can save more money.’ I told him to stop joking because there’s no way he can save more money. He was a little offended. He challenged me to tell him my fuel consumption. Well, as at today, it’s 7.6 litre per 100km. That’s about 1 litre of RON95 petrol to 13km. His awesome car could give him nearly 20km to 1 litre. I did not bother to ask if that’s solely on highway because if it’s just highway, my Persona could also do way better than 1 to 13km. Anyway, he laughed at me and I laughed at him and we remain friends. However, let’s really do some calculation here since it involves PERSONAL FINANCE.

Assuming petrol price to be RM2.50 per litre for RON95 (higher than current to be conservative) That’s RM2.50 for 13km to me and RM2.50 for 20km to him. Assuming we drive 30,000km per year (very high because that’s 85km everyday.).

RM2.50 every 13km = 19 sen per km.

RM2.50 every 20km = 12.5 sen per km.

Whopping 6.5 sen per km. 6.5 sen x 30,000km per year = RM1,950 difference.

After 10 years of 300,000 km (most drivers will never reach this), he would have saved RM1,950 x 10 = RM19,500.

That’s a LOT of money. There’s just one issue. His car is at least RM30,000 more expensive than mine. I saved RM30,000 right at the beginning.

Let’s not debate about the image of a Persona driver versus a non-Persona driver. Perhaps it’s true, I will lose ‘some face’ because of my 9.5 year old car. That’s another matter altogether. As for the notion that I will spend more time in workshops, as at today, I am happy to announce that my car window is still original and my car has never stopped in the middle of the road due to electronic / mechanical issues. For those people who just love some turbo-charged cars, please just say, ‘I love turbo-charged car or I love this particular car brand.’ Both statements are perfectly fine, just like me loving Audi as a brand and now falling in love with the latest Volvo XC40. By the way, a very good friend once told me that his HYBRID car saves LOTs of money because of fuel economy. The issue is, he paid 3 times more money for his car versus mine. If however you got ‘cheated’ by some car advertisements on petrol savings and start to tell me about it, do read this article yeah. Happy loving your car, whichever brand it may be. Diversity is great for everyone. Cheers.

written on 18 Nov 2018

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