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The key driver for property demand will always be affordability

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Every new iPhone launching comes with an ever higher retail price. Ever wondered why? If we believe it’s because it’s very good, then please ask those who bought Samsung, Huawei or Oppo for their opinions too. (I did not say it’s not good yeah.) Actually, the main reason for the price increase is ‘affordability.’ Within the marketing mix, the PRICE element has to be stretched to the maximum possible value that the consumer COULD pay. Many would argue the price is high because consumers are willing to pay. It’s actually because customers could AFFORD to pay. Otherwise, the phone shop is not going to give us that new phone just because we are willing to buy but we do not have the money in our wallet.

This is the same as property. Affordability will continue to drive the acceptance of paying higher for hotspots but also the acceptance of buying further away (with connectivity of course). I will be sharing on “The key driver for property demand will always be affordability” in the upcoming Fair 2018. Let us look at what’s happening in the property market in Malaysia as well as learning from some of the more advanced property markets in the world today. See you next Sunday (18th November) @ 1pm inside KL Convention Centre yeah. If you notice, most of the speakers are all leaders of the segments they are in. I think I am the only one representing the usual 9-5 working Malaysian who actually started with a ‘peanut’ salary and worked hard to climb the corporate ladder and at the same time, investing into properties. I am still working full time today. See you.

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