Semenyih then, now and the near future? Find out more.

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[Sponsored] Just 10 years ago, not many people have heard of Semenyih. They would have heard of Broga Hill but it’s not a place people associate as a residential area… Fast forward to today and we could already see many of Malaysia’s top property developer brands developing in Semenyih. Even among my close circle of friends, a close friend, Ms. T bought a terraced double-storey for RM700,000 a couple of years ago and is already staying there a few days per week. She and her husband works in Kuala Lumpur.  Another good friend, Ms. C bought a semi-detached home and has fully moved into her new home with her friendly husband after spending over RM300,000 on renovations.

Actually, just what’s really happening to Semenyih? Is it still a lonely place without much happening or is it now firmly moving beyond just those few rows of landed properties in the beginning? How about dropping by this weekend and understand if there are now opportunities to buy into an emerging hotspot? Free delicious food too. More details as below.


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