All About Numismatics Auction (AANA) 2018 is here.

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[Sponsored] The banknote shown on the left will be up for auction on 1st December 2018 here in Malaysia. One similar piece (newer) was auctioned off at HK$950,000 (RM507,000) in a Spink Auction. (Click to view that item in This was the comment in the Spink site: “Extremely rare in any form and especially in its natural condition and virutally no problems. A visually attractive note and missing even in the most advanced collections. The cataloguer cannot recall any instance this note was offered in a public auction within the last 20 years. A once in a generation opportunity.”

A close friend told me that this will be a great place for banknotes, coins and more. Introducing the inaugural All About Numismatics Auction 2018 by TEN Auctioneers Sdn Bhd. This auction event will be held on 1st December 2018 in Armada Hotel, PJ. (Room Arcadia, Level 3). There are over 500 lots of numismatics items ranging from less than RM100 (for all new collectors) all the way to over RM100,000. (serious / seasoned collectors)

Special highlight. The RM600 Majlis Raja-Raja (MRR) commemorative notes which are still hot in the market starts from a reserve price of RM1,700 and that too for a repeater number of MRR0001313. RM60 MRR000XXXX meanwhile starts from a reserve price of just RM120!  Register by sending your name, contact and email to to get a copy of AANA 2018 auction booklet worth RM30 for free! More details please refer below:


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