Lifestyle is not about spending more, it’s what we are comfortable with

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This is not something I say yeah. Millennials most likely to post deceptive vacation photos to make social media followers jealous. Click here for the article.  However, it does reflect the current situation with most of the millennials I know. They will go overseas vacations every year without fail but has never visited Sabah / Sarawak or even some states in Malaysia. Their reason? Nothing interesting and it’s expensive. Actually, it’s more likely due to this, ‘If I visit some places in Malaysia, it is STILL Malaysia. If I visit some overseas destination, I can take some nice photos and tell the world that I am OVERSEAS.” Before I go further, I just want to say that as long as we are truthful about what makes us comfortable, just go ahead and do it. Just do not spend everything and later complained that everything else is expensive…

As for spending within our means, here’s someone who’s worth much more than most of everyone on this planet. Chow Yun Fat is an international star worth HK$5.6bil but he spends just roughly HK$800 (RM424) a month, Oriental Daily reported. Here’s that full article in Asiaone.com His wife Jasmine Tan revealed that Chow enjoys eating street food and has been using her old handphone for 17 years. (WOW, 17 years… meant that he does not need to access the internet or have a Facebook account perhaps)  She said Chow only changed to a new smartphone after the old phone stopped working. Chow still sees himself as an average man, who finds joy in living the simple life. Often seen commuting on public transport dressed in old clothes, Chow said that “clothing was not something to show off and anything is good as long as he feels comfortable in it”. Here’s that article in Asiaone.com 

Okay, I think that RM424 per month refers to food instead of including the rental or mortgage. However, it’s not just Chow who could live with RM424 per month for food. Divided into 30 days, that’s RM14 per day.  Divided into 3 meals per day, that’s roughly RM5 per meal. Definitely still doable even in Malaysia IF one really wants to do it yeah. Economy bee hoon plus an egg and a kopi-O will definitely be cheaper than RM5 unless we eat it within a air-conditioned restaurant. Economy rice with one vege and a small portion of meat is not just economical but healthy too. If we are hungry and needs a coffee break, a 2 in 1 coffee is merely 40 cents per pack and we can dip a few pieces of cream crackers into it as well. Dinner is best because we can eat at home… One day in the future, this amount may no longer be feasible but as of currently, it’s merely a CHOICE. Should we feel inferior just because we did not use too much money? That’s an answer that everyone has to answer for themselves. Cheers.

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written on 12th Oct 2018

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4 thoughts on “Lifestyle is not about spending more, it’s what we are comfortable with”

  1. Charles,

    To be honest, i really show an honor respect to this type of person like Chow. unfortunately, it hardly to be seen in surrounding of mine, most ppl tend to be show off and used to compare to each others by spending as much as luxury they can, driving big car, a family can simply has more than 3-4 cars for a working husband and wife even though children are still young, my apology as i have no control on others’ expenses or life, moreover, i don’t mean of over spending is a problem, every one has their own life, what i want to say is.. nowadays, ppl tend to be more focus on wealth status than self improvement in personality. i don’t see a true or good friendship among the neighborhood. what a sad. it is not something to gain the respect from through the outlook of luxury, instead. personality and friendly are the most basic criteria to live harmonic with respect from one and others.

    My 2 cents.

    • Ang, I think we know that the kind of people you are talking about is not easy to find in the world today. 😛

  2. Charles, a totally greed, that is why he earns the respect and it is the philosophic we should learn from this kind of people.

    • Typo error and minor correction

      Charles, totally agreed with you, that is why he earns the respect and it is the philosophic we should learn from this kind of people

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