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Webinar with KC Lau: Discover the 4Ps to Success in Property Investment

Posted in Personal Finance, and Starting Property Investing

Every time I meet KC (Founder of, I always learn something new. is a premier personal finance site and this was started long time before people realised that blogs could become a powerful channel! In my last meeting with him just a few weeks ago, he asked if I would like to conduct a webinar for his followers.

Let me say this. It’s my honour to be invited by Malaysia’s most established personal finance site;  to conduct a webinar for the public for the second time. The first time was years ago. 😛  This time, the topic that I will cover is, “Discover the 4Ps to Success in Property Investment.” In brief, below are some of the areas that I will cover in the session:

Property Investment is not risky if we understand the 4Ps

– #1 People – Why is property investment still a safe investment 

– #2 Price – Why property prices are still rising even in a slow market

– #3 Policy – Why sometimes a catalyst is all that’s needed to boost a property market

-#4 Preference – Will the rental generation come true? What should we do about it? 

To register, just click here and follow the steps:


Detail for the webinar as follows:

Date: 25th September 2018 (Tuesday)

Time: 12 noon (Malaysian time)



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