Buying further can be a good option too (at least for some of us)

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A few months ago, I went to my good friend’s home in Semenyih for her house-warming party. That’s 50km away from her working place in KL city centre. When I was there, I got to know that a close friend also bought a home within the same development. When we were chit-chatting, they shared with me that the main reason they bought there was because with the price they were willing to pay versus the type of home meant that there were no similar choices in PJ. I have to agree. That close friend’s double-storey terraced home? 20 x 75 sq ft, gated and guarded and it’s just RM600k plus. Are these two friends making wrong decisions? They should have bought somewhere closer to their working places instead? 🙂

Frankly, buying non-hotspots need not be a bad decision. It depends on whether we have evaluated what we want to buy objectively or not. A bad decision is buying the wrong property based on what we wanted. Sometimes, we even hate the property we bought but we bought it because our friends bought one too. Perhaps we should be reminded that if we bought into a hotspot at an overpriced price, it will be a long, long time of holding on to that property.  It used to be just Klang Valley and now it’s Greater Kuala Lumpur and from buying inside the KL city centre and nearby areas, people are now buying ever further away. Kepong was known as ‘pretty far,’ but Desa Parkcity is now a regarded as a hotspot. (They are BOTH in the same area…)  Let me share some reasons for and against buying further away. It may be or may not be for everyone yeah. See you on 30th September 2018 (Sunday) at 430pm. More details as per image yeah. Happy investing.

written on 21 Sep 2018

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