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The Key Driver for Property Market is Affordability.

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This is an invitation to register for the Penang Property Convention 2018. I have been invited to speak by Miichael Yeoh and will be speaking together with many of my good friends. We have the Mortgage Guru Miichael Yeoh, The Tax Guru Richard Oon, Famous Propenomist Dr. Daniele Gambero, Founder Ken Lim and they will be sharing their expertise, experience and views about the property market today. Property investment is a HUGE decision. Learning before buying is always the best.

My topic in brief:  Is it still safe to invest?  Will the property market suddenly collapse? What’s the best area to buy when it comes to rental? What about capital appreciation? Is landed really better than high-rise in all aspects? Actually, these questions and more depend on one word, “AFFORDABILITY”.  Let me share with you my views yeah. Topic: The Key Driver for Property Market is Affordability.

Yes, it’s in Penang.  Limited free seats are given to readers. Please do register soonest. See you there! REGISTER HERE. 


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