Gamuda Cove’s a 1,530-acre development with RM20B GDV.

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Short note: It’s important for buyers who wishes to buy a little further away to understand that the township development they are buying into has a comprehensive and long-term plan the whole area. From the explanations during a recent press conference, we think Gamuda Land’s Gamuda Cove deserves some attention for the many things they have for it. I think they are advertising in many mass media currently. Please do refer to some details as below:

Gamuda Land’s latest to-be-launched project is Gamuda Cove. It has a GDV of RM20 billion and it will be unveiled in two months. It’s called Gamuda Cove. The total size is 1,530-acre and it is a leasehold township located in southern Klang Valley along the Elite Highway and opposite Cyberjaya. Gamuda Land project director Aw Sei Cheh shared, “The entire project has a GDV of RM20 billion. It will take about 20 years to complete the whole project. We are going to soft launch the masterplan and the first three phases by the end of this month while the official launch will be taking place in two months after the soft launch.”

The township will be divided into a few districts comprising landed and non-landed residential areas, a central business district, leisure and entertainment, knowledge and information corridor, wellness oasis, central park and an art, culture and tourism village. The entire project will have more than 23,000 residential units. Gamuda Land introduced two phases of terraced houses and one apartment project. The selling price for the terraced houses will be from RM680,000 onwards while the apartment units will be priced from  RM350,000. Total GDV for Phase 1 is RM1.5billion.

Aw further shared, “In Gamuda, we listen to the land and blend in the development into the surrounding environment. The site is surrounded by Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve and Paya Indah Wetlands, therefore nature is key to Gamuda Cove.” He also said that Gaumda Land will also be creating a 60-acre Central Park and the Gamuda Cove Discovery Park concurrently. This meant that when the first batch of buyers move in, the park and some other facilities will be ready. It will not be just houses on bare land.

Aw also shared that the project has received some 10,000 online registrations of interest in the past few months. He added, “Gamuda Cove is located in a strategic location and next to the Elite Highway. It will be a comprehensive township where people can work, live and play all in one place.” An interchange will also be built by the developer to enhance connectivity. Beyond connectivity, there’s also the green transportation concept.

“We will have shuttle buses connecting Gamuda Cove to surrounding amenities, as well as dedicated cycling paths surrounding the township, a smart traffic system and trams,” Aw shared. There’s also a tram system which is being finalised currently for Gamuda Cove. “Stage one is about 4km-long on the main street of the business district. It will eventually connect the entire township. Most importantly, it is free for use,” he concluded.

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