Great for family. Dinosaur Kingdom in Rawang / Sungai Buloh

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Who’s it for? This one is aimed at families, especially those with young kids. Let’s just say this is worth many hours of non-stop fun for them and of course the parents too. There’s no famous cartoon characters but if you love dinosaurs, then this one is worth visiting. I think this is as real as it gets and as close up as it gets too. No, it’s definitely not free, not at this scale in terms of performance. Ticket price is RM30 for adult with Malaysian IC and RM20 for kids above 80cm. Usually, 3 years old or higher will be higher than 80cm. The adult ticket comes with 2 tokens and the children ticket comes with 1 token. These tokens are to be used for the rides and games inside the park.

Where is it? The advertisement says Dinosaur Kingdom is in Sungai Buloh. However, it’s just a few hundred metres away from Gamuda Gardens sales gallery which in in Rawang. The most important point is this: It’s a fun-filled entertainment park filled with many dinosaurs, big, small and even moving ones. There are lots of other dinosaurs all around the kingdom for us to take photos with. All the dustbins are also dinosaurs too!

Is it comfortable? The Inflatable Dinosaur Island is not hot but perhaps a little warm. The Educational Hub is cooling enough and the LIVE show is okay too. It rained a bit today, perhaps that helped. The rest of all the other areas are covered but it’s under the sun yeah. You are not allowed to bring food and drinks in but there are plenty of choices inside. Come on, this is usual yeah for all entertainment parks.

What time to go in? It opens at 12 noon and the first LIVE show starts at 1pm. Do arrive earlier because the queue today took me 20 minutes before I could enter with an Unlimited Pass. Yes, you can go out and go back in within the same day. This LIVE show is NOT to be missed. Do the rest later, just go in and watch the show first. After that, can go for the Educational HUB which is right beside the entrance. One small part of it is as per below video. Suffice to say, many kids were shouting and yeah, a few timid ones were crying when the velociraptor came in and scared the xxxx out of many. There are also many rides but these would require additional tokens.

Happy visiting yeah. As for tickets, you can buy them here too besides buying them directly at the park. Happy enjoying the Dinosaur Kingdom yeah.

written on 10 Sept 2018

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